Injury Protocol

Valley View Sports Medicine Injury Protocol

  1. Student Athlete sustains an injury during UIL Sponsored game or practice.
  2. Student Athletes Report First to the Certified & Licensed Athletic Trainer, If Athletic Trainer is not present then the Student Athlete Will Report to the Head Coach.
  3. The Certified and Licensed Athlete Trainer will evaluate and treat the injury as he/she see’s necessary.
  4. IF NEEDED, the Athletic Trainer will refer the athlete to a Licensed Physician in the US.
    1. Student Athletes will not receive an insurance claim form if the Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer is not notified of the initial injury and doctor’s appointment or if there is no completed physical packet on file.
    2. After all doctors’ appointments, all Student Athletes will immediately turn in all doctors notes and release forms to the Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer.

Failure to follow this protocol may result in delayed recover time and missed games/ practices.